shoppers decide

The point of sale is the most critical stage in shoppers path to purchase.

At POS shoppers decide over life and death of sustainability concepts, 

just as they have always decided the fate of products and brands.


The large part of FMCG consumers is still not automatically buying sustainably, they have to be convinced of the benefits to do so.

If sustainable products and concepts don’t succeed in the market now, the transformation process will take longer – which our planet cannot afford.

our ambition

We as POS centered communication agency feel responsible to drive this process -  with all our creativity and professional knowledge, that we have at our disposal.

We want to help the market decide fast in favour of sustainability.

our approach

We offer a unique integrated consulting and creative execution approach for conversion oriented sustainability communication together with blue life, the first UNEP certified consultancy for sustainable transformation.

United Nations Environmental Program is the highest global authority for climate protection.


Our joint mission is to offer companies effective conversion oriented sustainability communication:

Ideas, concepts, POS executions.