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NIVEA has held the esteemed position as our primary and foremost client since 2017.

Our distinguished role as the global lead agency for NIVEA Point Of Sale development spans over six years, during which we have successfully orchestrated worldwide shopper communication strategies for the launch, relaunch, and brand activations of one of the world's preeminent and most trusted skincare brands. 

In addition to our global initiatives, we approach our work for NIVEA's domestic market with unwavering dedication, undertaking the development of national NIVEA Point Of Sale communication tailored specifically for Germany.


We're excited to announce the addition of Reese's, a globally renowned brand known for its unique blend of peanut butter and chocolate, to our portfolio in 2023.

As part of the Hershey Company, Reese's, deeply rooted in American culture, is gaining popularity in Europe. Aligned with our commitment to excellence, we've crafted the 2023 national Football and Halloween Point of Sale campaigns and continue developing pan-European POS projects for 2024.

We eagerly anticipate contributing to the continued success and growth of this esteemed brand in the European market.


In 2022, BUDNI (Budnikowski), the preeminent drugstore chain in the Hamburg metropolitan region, enlisted our services to fortify their collaboration with EDEKA for nationwide expansion across Germany.

Within the framework of a newly developed brand Corporate Identity, we seamlessly translated and implemented this design into a sophisticated modular window concept. This concept enables adaptable and individualized executions tailored to the unique characteristics of each store location, neighborhood, and product assortment.


Since 2017, we've played a pivotal role in developing global and national Point of Sale communication strategies for NIVEA MEN.


A highlight includes impactful football-themed POS activations with renowned coaches. In 2019, we collaborated with Jogi Löw, the long-standing coach of Germany's national football team, and since 2022, have continued the trend with the newly appointed NIVEA MEN ambassador, Jürgen Klopp, elevating the brand's market presence and impact.


In 2017, SODA LIBRE introduced a novel refreshing beverage: THE BASIL. This blend of basil, lemon, and soda creates a distinct and harmonious taste profile, offering standalone refreshment and serving as an excellent mixer for long drinks and cocktails.

Subsequently, SODA LIBRE entrusted us with the task of devising a new brand campaign and translating it into a Point of Sale strategy.

In 2020, we further expanded our collaboration by crafting an in-store activation concept coinciding with the launch of their second variant: THE ELDERFLOWER. 


The increasing prevalence of tattoos has given rise to “SKIN STORIES,” a pioneering brand in the realm of skincare exclusively dedicated to tattooed skin. Launched in 2019, this product range marked a significant milestone in the skincare market.

We take pride in our role as dedicated supporters of this innovative venture, providing comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) communication strategies tailored for both shoppers and retailers.

skinstories logo.png

NIVEA Sun stands as a distinguished category leader, consistently enhancing its portfolio to align with the escalating global UV radiation levels while prioritizing environmental responsibility through the introduction of sustainable products and packaging.

Since 2017, we have taken pride in our enduring role as the permanent Point of Sale agency partner for NIVEA Sun, facilitating the launch of innovative products on both global and national scales.


RAW BITE, a notable organic fruit and nut bar within the BAHLSEN GROUP from Denmark, has emerged as a trendsetting product, the ideal choice for individuals leading modern, active, and busy lifestyles.

In 2019, we undertook the development of the comprehensive Point of Sale design for RAW BITE, and have since maintained an ongoing role as strategic consultants for their POS development. Notably, in 2023, we extended our collaboration by designing the packaging for their innovative protein bar range, further contributing to the brand's market presence and evolution.

Rawbite Logo.png

Working with iconic brands is always a distinct pleasure, and since 2020, we have been proud to lend our support to Hansaplast, a longstanding leader in its category.

Over the years, we have collaborated on numerous launch and relaunch campaigns for the continuously expanding Hansaplast portfolio, providing comprehensive Point of Sale development strategies for both shoppers and retailers. 

Presently, we are engaged in another compelling launch initiative scheduled for release in 2024.


In March 2020, we were honored to lead global Point of Sale

 communication for EUCERIN, a globally leading dermo-cosmetic skincare brand.

Throughout our engagement, we've developed global launch and relaunch packages, including ePOS tools and activation concepts, complemented by compelling sell-in narratives and specialized materials for pharmacists.


Since 2023, our creative efforts extend to crafting premium promotional packages globally and nationally, such as the current Christmas Edition available in pharmacies. This ongoing collaboration reflects our commitment to enhancing the brand's presence and consumer experience.


The renowned deodorant brand 8x4 underwent a notable relaunch in 2019, featuring a striking new packaging design and an innovative non-binary concept centered around “personalized protection.”

This revolutionary approach garnered significant attention.

In 2020, we were pleased to contribute to the idea development process for 8x4's Point of Sale (POS) communication, ensuring a seamless alignment with the brand’s evolved image and messaging.


Amongst numerous vodkas in the market, one stands out by combining unparalleled vodka brewing expertise with the distinctive approach of a genuine Hamburg entrepreneur—maturing the vodka in French barrique vine barrels to deliver a completely unique taste experience.

Our team has meticulously crafted a fully integrated BAZIC Brand communication concept for the entire product portfolio. This encompasses a mass market Point of Sale activation slated for 2020.


In 2022, the prominent market leader in protein bars in Germany entrusted us with the development of their new Point of Sale approach.


Our contribution extended beyond the introduction of exciting new product variants, encompassing a comprehensive redesign of their energy bars range. This aesthetic transformation aligns with the enduring brand essence of power systems, emphasizing the fundamental attribute of simply great taste.


HIDROFUGAL stands as a genuine performance brand in the deodorant sector, delivering highly effective protection for both men and women.


In 2020, we played a pivotal role in supporting the brand by developing activation concepts and ideas for Point of Sale communication.

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