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NIVEA is our first and No 1 client since 2017.

We are proud to say that meanwhile we have developed more than 120 global POS projects for launches, relaunches and brand activations for one of the world’s greatest and most trusted skin care brands of all times.

Since October 2018, we are also working with great passion for NIVEA’s home market: developing national NIVEA POS launch and activation campaigns for Germany.


We proudly anounce our most prominent new arrival in 2023, who is a truly iconic brand in the worldwide sweets market:

REESES, the unique combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

Belonging to Hershey company, the overall chocolate market leader in the U.S., Reeses is a brand, that kids in the US grow up with and is now becoming increasingly popular also in Europe.

We are currently developing several pan-European POS Activations and having great fun with this fantastic new client!


In 2022 BUDNI (Budnikowski) the largest drugstore in the Hamburg metropolitan region and surrounding area with more than 180 stores asked us to support them.

In 2017, BUDNI had entered a partnership with EDEKA to expand across Germany.

A new brand CI had been developed and we transferred it for POS into a creative window design concept, allowing individual execution based on store location, neighbourhood and assortment.  


For NIVEA MEN we have developed POS communication since 2017 on a global and national level.

Among a number of great projects our highlights where POS activations featuring famous Jogi Löw, the long-term coach of Germany’s national football team and designated NIVEA MEN testimonial. In 2019, we handled the complete project from creative concept development and photo shooting to supervising print production for the German POS material.

In 2022, we developed a new POS activation with new NIVEA MEN testimonial Jürgen Klopp.


In 2017 SODA LIBRE had launched a new refreshing drink:

THE BASIL connects basil, lemon and soda into a uniquely harmonious taste profile, which provides cool refreshment on its own, at the same time works as a great mixer for longdrinks and cocktails.

 SODA LIBRE asked us to developed a new brand campaign and bring it to POS.

In 2020 we developed an in store activation concept along with the launch of their 2nd variant: THE ELDERFLOWER.  


More and more people are wearing tattoos and “SKIN STORIES”  is their new brand. A true revolution in skin care – the first product range exclusively dedicated to tattooed skin was a big event in the skin care market when launched in 2019.

We have been proudly supporting this exciting project with POS communication for shoppers and retailers.

skinstories logo.png

NIVEA Sun is a true category leader, constantly improving their portfolio - to match increased worldwide UV radiation, but also to maximize their environmental responsibility with new sustainable products and packaging.


We are happy to be their permanent POS agency partner in launching innovative products on global and national level since 2017.


RAW BITE (BAHLSEN GROUP) is a trendy upcoming organic fruit & nut bar from Denmark – with great taste, purely natural ingredients and an outstanding packaging design it is the perfect accessory for people with modern, sportive, busy lifestyle.

We have created the new POS design in 2019, since 2020 we are also their permanent partner for overall POS communication strategy development

Rawbite Logo.png

Iconic brands are always a special thrill to work for – we are very happy to support Hansaplast since 2020 – a true leader in its category for so many years.

Several launch and relaunch campaigns for the every growing Hansaplast portfolio we supported with POS development for shoppers and retailers.

Currently, we are working on another exciting launch that will be released in 2024.


In March 2020 we have been proudly appointed as the lead agency for global POS communication for EUCERIN, a world leading brand in

dermo-cosmetic skin care.

A fantastic chance to leverage our skin care expertise in combination with longterm pharmacy channel know-how from our previous work for GSK.

For almost 3 years now we have developed all their launch and relaunch packages with POS and ePOS tools and activation concepts, many of them also including sell-in stories and special materials for pharmacists


The well-known deodorant brand 8x4 was relaunched with beautiful new packaging design and a revolutionary non-binary concept of “personalized protection”, generating a great deal of attention in 2019.

We were happy to support the idea development process for 8x4 POS communication in 2020. ​


There are many vodkas out there but only one that unites finest vodka brewing expertise with the unique approach of a true Hamburg entrepreneur – storing the Vodka in French barrique vine barrels for a completely new unique taste experience.

With great passion our team has been working on a fully integrated BAZIC Brand communication concept for the entire product portfolio including a mass market POS activation for 2020.


The market leader in protein bars in Germany chose us to develop their new POS approach in 2022.

We brought to POS not only some exciting new product variants but a whole new look for their range of energy bars, which builds on the long term strength of power systems: Simply great taste.


HIDROFUGAL is a true performance brand in Deo -  providing highly effective deodorant protection for men and women.


To support the brand in 2020 we have developed activation concepts and ideas for POS communication.

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