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We are proud to announce our latest new client: BUDNI


(BUDNIKOWSKY), the largest drugstore in the Hamburg metropolitan region and surrounding area with more than 180 stores.

In 2017, BUDNI entered a partnership with EDEKA to expand across Germany. A new brand CI had been developed and we transferred it for POS into a creative window design concept, allowing individual execution based on store location, neighbourhood and assortment.  


We are proud to present our new client: Power System.

The market leader in protein bars in Germany chose us to develop their new POS approach in 2022.

We will bring to POS not only some exciting new product variants but a whole new look for their range energy bars, which builds on the long term strength of power systems:

Simply great taste.


We are happy to announce Gold for our creative development of the new 3-in-1 NIVEA cellular Make-up counter display:

The entry was submitted by DS Smith who masterfully executed our idea: Strong accents with curved shapes and premium appeal – an extrordinary counter display with perfect NIVEA brand match.


Key for the creative development was staging the special new connection between colour foundation and the famous NIVEA care that characterized this new product line.

A curved wave of multicoloured light creme texture creme “floating” across the surface  - this was the centre of the idea - to provide a perfect presentation of the new products to the shoppers.

Silver and metallic blue surfaces together with the cellular typical skin-cell patterns create the matching premium appeal, speaking to beauty minded modern women, who are in search of innovations. In spite of its sophisticated lool, the display is entirely made of carton, thus fully recyclable and  in line with Niveas sustainability guidelines.

Gold-Award at POPAI D-A-CH Awards 2021


On September 6th, 2019 we hosted the 1st „Club der Markenfreunde“ here in Hamburg

together with 3 other agencies.

Speakers and guests shared truly inspiring thoughts and cases about the multifacetted chances,

that future retail offers to all of us.

Among the speakers: Tarek Müller (about you), Benjamin Adrion (viva con agua), Jan Toschka (Shell),  

Oliver Jahn (Architectural Digest),  Mimi Sewalski (Avocado store)

Our special thanks go to:

Sasserath plus, Berlin for opening their successful “Club der Markenfreunde” format for us at a new location, the generous hospitality of MUTABOR, Hamburg and

the moderator skills of Hannes Ley from Sasserath Ley plus and last not least

Mirko Kaminski covering the event with a number of great interviews, also displayed at Horizont.

Club der Markenfreunde

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